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If you are self employed, or can't show enough income to qualify for a mortgage loan, we offer owner financing with the options below.

Option 1

10% Down Payment
Owner Financing @ 7.99% fixed
interest for 36 months.

At the end of 36 months, The
interst rate will be variable.

Option 2

Lease with option to purchase

Monthly lease payment will be 1% of the purchase price with 25% going into an escrow account. When the escrow account reaches 10% of purchase price, escrow is applied as the down payment and the note will be financed at 7.99%.

Purchase Price: $150,000.00
Monthly Payment: (1%) $1,500.00
75% going to rent: $1,125.00/mo.
25% going to escrow: $375.00/mo.

When escrow reaches $15,000.00
this will be applied as down payment
and loan will be financed at 7.99%.